Confirmed: French Duo Remaking 'Hellraiser'   

October 15, 2007 Variety today reported on the remake of "Hellraiser." French filmmakers Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo are writing and directing the movie for Dimension, while Clive Barker is producing.

Maury and Bustillo most recently directed the French fright film "Inside," released last summer in France.

"Julien and Alex showed their incredible creative talent on 'Inside,' and I'm excited to have them at the helm, working with Clive Barker, to create a fresh, suspenseful and scary reimagining of the classic tale," said Weinstein Co. co-chairman Bob Weinstein.

TWC picked up distribution rights to "Inside," a thriller about a pregnant woman who loses her boyfriend in a car crash and is subsequently haunted violently by a mysterious woman.

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