'Halloween' Franchise to Go Direct to Video   

October 22, 2008 In today's Variety, the Weinstein Bros. announced a slew of direct-to-DVD film titles they are working on. Among them, direct-to-video sequels to Rob Zombie's "Halloween."

Titles in the new crop include “Pulse 2” (a sequel to the $20 million grosser from 2006) and extensions of “Children of the Corn,” “Feast” and “Hell Ride.” One of the lone non-horror titles is “Last Man Standing,” a comedy from the scripter of “Monster-in-Law.”

Also on the docket are “Dead by Daylight,” a zombie pic from Raw Nerve, the production entity behind the “Hostel” pics; and “Midnight Man 2” and “Midnight Man 3,” sequels focusing on a villain called the Exterminator dreamed up by the creators of “Feast,” “Saw IV” and “Saw V.”

Upcoming Dimension theatricals such as “Piranha 3-D” and the next “Halloween” installment will likely spawn titles ticketed for Extreme, Weinstein said.

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