Anchor Bay Catches 'Cold Prey'   

October 29, 2008 "Cold Prey", the Norwegian horror film that took Europe by storm and won an international fan following, has been acquired for North American DVD release by Anchor Bay Entertainment, the acknowledged leader in classic and contemporary horror programming, and Indigomotion, a subsidiary label of Leomax Entertainment.

Playing to sold-out crowds in film festivals around the world, including the 2007 Slamdance Film Festival, the San Francisco International Film Festival, Frightfest UK, Transylvania International Film Festival, Montreal World Film Festival, "Cold Prey" (aka Fritt Vilt) will be released on DVD January 20, 2009. SRP is $26.97 and pre-book is December 18, 2008.

A gripping horror film set against the majestic backdrop of a blinding snow-clad landscape (director Roar Uthaug is an avid snowboard enthusiast!), "Cold Prey" has been praised by Ain’t It Cool News as “Probably the most perfect slasher film ever made,” while Variety said the film “orchestrates its scares with brute effectiveness.” called it “a tense, stylish and viciously unnerving journey into a frozen nightmare,” and Arrow In The Head exclaimed “If you enjoyed the original FRIDAY THE 13TH and HALLOWEEN, you’re going to love "Cold Prey"!” Due to the unprecedented audience response already enjoyed by the film, the sequel "Cold Prey" II was recently released in Norway – and already shattering local box-office records.

It’s midwinter. Five youngsters are heading for the Jotunheimen mountain area to go snowboarding. On the slope, one of them has a bad fall and breaks a leg. There is no sign of any other people around, and their mobile phones are out of range.

They catch sight of a mountain hotel in the distance, and decide to find shelter there. The hotel lies empty and silent, obviously closed down years ago. The phone lines are dead, and the youngsters realize they have to spend the night in the hotel. But it turns out they’re not alone. In the basement they discover a filthy dungeon of a room, where somebody has recently lived…

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