Servants of Twilight (1991)
Directed by Jeffrey Obrow

Starring Belinda Bauer Bruce Greenwood Grace Zabriskie Jarrett Lennon Richard Bradford

Dean Koontz' work has never been translated all that well to the big screen. Beginning with the adaptation of "Demon Seed" and carrying on with such mixed movies as "Whispers," Hollywood has never even come close to doing Koontz justice.

"Servants of Twilight" is no exception. The story is great. A mother (Bauer) hires a private eye (Greenwood) after a radical Christian cult decides that her young son is the anti-Christ.

She, the private dick and the boy are on the run, as Christian cultists attempt to kill the boy at every conceivable opportunity. Grace Zabriskie, fresh from her stint playing Laura Palmer's mother in the TV series "Twin Peaks," is great as the insane leader of the cult.

It's a cool idea for a movie, but tragically has the look and feel of a made-for-TV special. A nice twist ending isn't enough to save the film. Koontz would have been better off sitting on the rights to this story until some real filmmakers came along to produce it.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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