See No Evil (2006)
Directed by Gregory Dark

Starring Christina Vidal Glen Jacobs Luke Pegler Michael J. Pagan Samantha Noble

A return to 1980s-style slasher horror, "See No Evil" lacks any real sex content, the same issue that another 1980s-style monster film from 2006, "Slither", had. For a minute there, you actually think you are watching a sleaze-fest from the Reagan-era while "See No Evil" unfolds. But then the lack of nudity reminds us that we are still in the politically correct 2000s. Ultimately, "See No Evil" never carries the sleazy punch of an old horror film. Oh well.

It's still a pretty good fear flick, with some religious overtones to give it some depth. Pretty intelligent stuff, considering it stars a wrestler and was produced by the WWE.

A good cop loses his partner and his hand in a run-in with an axe-wielding, Jason-like maniac who gouged out the eyes of one of his female victims. Years later, he is a correctional officer who takes a group of juvenile prisoners, both male and female, on a sleepover furlough to clean up an ultra-creepy hotel that is being converted into a homeless shelter.

Naturally, the teenagers party and, yes, the axe-wielding maniac (played by pro-wrestler Jacobs) is in the maze-like building, and starts killing off the kids one at a time, gouging their eyes out as he goes about it, often latching onto them via a chained hook. It just happens that there is absolutely no way out of the structure, by the way, so the kids and the cop and other assorted hangers on are left to fend for themselves, losing cel phone access at key moments in their ordeal. The killings manage to be fairly creative, with one gal being fed her own cellular phone and another being fed alive to wild dogs.

Sticking to its low budget, the film manages to be set almost entirely in the hotel, but some real money gets thrown at the film during the very end, with one of the most brutal falls from a building ever filmed. We also get a nice twist ending, which I honestly didn't see coming.

All in all, "See No Evil" was a solid 2006 R-rated horror effort. No masterpiece, but it's nice to see a by-the-numbers slasher being produced these days, even if they didn't show anything too exciting during the requisite Alfred Hitchcock-style shower scene early on in the film.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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