Bad Moon (1996)
Directed by Eric Red

Starring Ken Pogue, Mariel Hemingway Mason Gamble Michael Rare

Really lame werewolf flick would be rated PG and probably rank as an Afterschool Special if producers didn't tag on an obligatory topless scene and werewolf attack at the beginning of the film.

Based on the book "Thor" by Wayne Smith, which offers a dog's eye view of encounters with a werewolf, this film attempts to work as a kind of fairy tale. Hemingway's dog suspects that a new visitor to her home has a little too much of the canine in him—he's a werewolf.

Obviously Red tried to capture some of the magic of this well-liked book, but it's pretty hard to put the point of a view of a dog on film. Wes Craven himself failed quite miserably at it when he showed a dog having a ludicrous "flashback" in his turkey, "The Hills Have Eyes Part 2."

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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