Basket Case II (1990)
Directed by Frank Henenlotter

Starring Annie Ross Chad Brown, Heather Rattray Kevin Van Hentenryck

The twin brothers from Part 1 move into a new home, but get pissed off when tabloid journalists try to exploit the smaller of two brothers (Belial, who is kept in a basket). Deaths result. It's basically more of the same from Part 1. Fun, but not nearly as good as that film. Gone is the grainy 16 mm photography. Especially missed is the gritty New York setting.

Henenlotter tries to shake things up by taking the brothers (who miraculously survived their fall at the end of the first film) to a halfway house for freaks, run by a deranged mother-figure (Ross). There are some good gags along the way. All the freaks look ... well, Henenlotter-esque. But the film lacks that sleazy underground film that has marked Henenlotter's best films, from "Brain Damage" to "Frankenhooker." This movie seemed to be shot for video. It does feature a hilarious "twist ending" though.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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