Blood Link (1982)
Directed by Alberto De Martino

Starring Geraldine Fitzgerald Michael Moriarty Penelope Milford

This Italian/German production from the director of "The Tempter" is perhaps best remembered as the "evil twin" movie that predated "Dead Ringers." Moriarity plays a doctor -- a former siamese twin -- who has a psychic link with his identical brother, now in Germany committing murders. After having a series of murderous visions of his brother committing the most horrible of crimes including one murder of a buxom prostitute he convinces his gorgeous U.S. love interest to let him go to Europe to track down his bro.

Once in Hamburg, he is naturally mistaken for his brother. The film's storyline stalls from there, with Moriarity befriending then sleeping with a woman who was trying to kill his brother, out of revenge for the murder of her father. (Cameron Mitchell puts in a great performance as her Dad, an aging former boxer, whom the evil Moriarity sadistically beats up during an outdoor match, killing him.)

Moriarity does a great job playing the good/shy and bad/extroverted character of the story, and does deserve credit for setting the groundwork of what would be the ultimate twins performance: That of Jeremy Irons in "Dead Ringers." As in that film, our lead actor must act with himself. But "Blood Link" delivers a slow story. It's one saving grace is the plethora of nude women that both the good and bad Moriarity tussle with. Every attractive female character gets a nude scene. Ennio Morricone also delivers a nice score. But none of the pluses are really enough to raise the film above the level of VHS schlock.

The film has its followers, but most horror fans will want to stear away, unless they stumble upon a cheap VHS copy or find it uncut on cable or on European TV. No point at all in seeing a cut version. Although this did predate "Dead Ringers," it came after the similar "Sisters," which is a much better movie to boot. More a "psychological thriller" than horror film, you might stumble across this in the "suspense" section of your aging video store.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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