Stay Alive (2006)
Directed by William Brent Bell

Starring Frankie Muniz Jimmi Simpson Jon Foster Samaire Armstrong Sophia Bush

One of the string of slickly produced PG-13 horror films that hit screens in the wake of the awesome success of "The Ring", "Stay Alive" combines elements of that film with "A Nightmare on Elm Street" to deliver an effective but forgettable teen horror film. An unrated "Director's Cut" was released to DVD with some cut gore and brief nudity.

With an opening ripped right out of "Elm Street," a group of suburban teens play a videogame only to be horrifically slaughtered by a supernatural menace. Friends of one of the survivors -- led by a videogame developer played by Foster -- find an underground videogame in his possession entitled "Stay Alive." The game operates not unlike a lot of the horror games that were popular on the market in the '00s. Characters walk around being chased by living dead things in graveyards.

Foster and his friends play the game, along with Foster's boss who runs a videogame company. They're not that surprised when the characters they take on in the game actually look the same way they do in real life. Not surprisingly, people start dying off in the way they were killed in the game. When the police show up to investigate the upsurge in killings, they're not the least bit amused by Foster's explanation of the events. As the characters work to "stay alive" the game continues to play itself and kill characters, whether or not they are logged onto the game they realize that there's some kind of curse on the game, which is related to the legend of a bloodthirsty Countess, whose character was apparently modeled after "Countess Dracula."

While dissed by many a critic, "Stay Alive" is pretty enjoyable, if forgettable slick teen horror stuff, well worth a rental.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore


Posted by alexander magadan on December 24, 2007
is cool

Posted by Randy Hall on January 14, 2008
Right you are

Posted by Keith A. on April 25, 2008
Sophia Bush was the best thing in this movie.

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