Web of the Spider (1970)
Directed by Antonio Margheriti

Starring Anthony Franciosa Klaus Kinski Michele Mercier

Klaus Kinski stars as Edgar Allen Poe in this excellent color remake to the classic 1964 film (also directed by Antonio Margheriti) "Danza Macabre" or "Castle of Blood."

Franciosa (who would go on to star in Dario Argento's "Tenebre") plays a journalist who challenges Edgar Allan Poe (Kinski) on the authenticity of his stories, which Poe claims are true. This leads to him accepting a bet to spend the night in a haunted castle on All Soul's Eve. Ghosts of the murdered inhabitants appear to him throughout the evening, and we eventually learn they need his blood in order to maintain their existence.

Fog, cobwebs, wonderful lighting and Margheriti's direction give the film plenty of atmosphere. The film has a variety of titles, among them "And Comes the Dawn... But Colored Red" and "Dracula in the Castle of Blood."

The director's official Web site can be found here: http://www.antoniomargheriti.com/English_Version/enghome.htm

The ending is a hoot.

Recommended, but it's damn hard to find in video stores. Sinister Cinema has made it available as a mail-order purchase.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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