Color Me Blood Red (1965)
Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis

Starring Candi Conder Elyn Warner Gordon Oas-Heim Pat Lee

Yet another masterpiece from the master of awful cinema, H.G. Lewis. This one borrows liberally from the 1959 Roger Corman classic "Bucket of Blood," which was about a sculptor who gains critical acclaim after he starts using dead bodies to create his horrific sculptures.

In this story, an artist suddenly becomes popular when he uses human blood to create his paintings. While the sculptures in the Corman film were genuinely horrific and striking, the paintings in this pic look ridiculous. But then Lewis was never known for his ability to suspend disbelief. If there's one thing that's wonderful about his films it's that they actually inspire total, absolute, unadulterated disbelief in everything that takes place up on the screen, including the graphic murders he depicts, always livened up with gallons of fake blood. It's not as good as Lewis' two greatest bad moviesó"Blood Feast" and "2,000 Maniacs"óbut it's fun. Another outstanding Lewis film to catch is "Wizard of Gore." "Blood Red" was one of three films Lewis made for producer David Friedman, a renowned skin-flick maker.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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