Crazies (1973)
Directed by George Romero

Starring Harold Wayne Jones Lane Carroll Lloyd Hollar Will MacMillan

This is an absolute must-see for fans of "Dawn of the Dead." After a few missteps (including the non-horror film "Season of the Witch"), Romero finally followed up the awesome success of "Night of the Living Dead" with this similar film, which probably also influenced the makers of another zombie movie, "Return of the Living Dead."

A disastrous chemical spill in the water supply of a Pennsylvania town turns locals into homicidal maniacs. Eventually, the army is called in to bring order. Donning gas masks and heavy weaponry, the infantrymen look a lot like the S.W.A.T. team members in "Dawn," and you may notice some of the same cast members.

The rapid editing and early gore effects are all vintage Romero. The story, where everything that possibly could go wrong does, also follows a theme that was prevalent in both "Night" and "Dawn." Eventually townsfolk begin to see the military as an almost bigger threat than the "crazies" themselves

This is great stuff. Romero would follow it up with the seminal vampire film "Martin."

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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