Curse of the Devil (1973)
Directed by Carlos Aured

Starring Fabiola Falcón Jacinto Molina Paul Naschy

Here's one of the more sexually explicit entries in the Paul Naschy, Spanish werewolf series. Taking a bit of a cue perhaps from "Mark of the Devil," the film opens during the Inquisition, where a group of Satan worshippers are killed off by a knightly witch hunter (played by Naschy). Before burning the women, Naschy's bloodline is cursed.

Flash forward about a hundred years or so. Naschy now plays a wealthy ancestor to the witch hunter. The old curse against his family is revived by some gypsies who sick a succubus-like sexpot on him (Olivares), who uses the opportunity of a sexual encounter with the aristocrat to infect his blood with the werewolf virus. It isn't long before Naschy is turning into a cheap-looking lycanthrope during the full moon. Adding to the drama is that by day, Naschy doesn't know he's the mysterious killer terrorizing women in the village. This is in spite of the fact that his first victim is a hot babe he's in the middle of having sex with when the transformation strikes!

"Curse of the Devil" is a pretty poor movie, a sequel of sorts to the even worse "Werewolf's Shadow" (aka "Werewolf vs. the Vampire Woman"). Among its only saving graces is the plethora of naked women that turn up to take off their clothes whenever the plot gets a little too slow going. Bad make up effects and a slow story don't completely ruin the movie, however. "Curse of the Devil" does have some nice atmosphere and a fairly creepy Inquisition-era opening, and even a Black Mass. Entertaining stuff for dedicated seventies horror fans, but certainly nothing the casual viewer would be interested in.

Director Aured also helmed the more entertaining "House of Psychotic Women," which also starred Naschy. For the ultimate Naschy fan site, click here.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore


Posted by bruna on July 6, 2008

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