Devil's Rejects (2005)
Directed by Rob Zombie

Starring Bill Moseley Ken Foree Sheri Moon Sid Haig William Forsythe

I actually hadnít watched "House of 1000 Corpses" when I went to the theater to see Rob Zombie's "sequel" "The Devil's Rejects." But "Rejects," although it's a sequel, stands well on its own. In fact, it is so superior to "House," that you could easily skip that film and go straight to "Devil's."

To say "Devil's Rejects" kicks ass is a bit of an understatement. It's undeniably the most grueling American horror film within a 10-year span, evoking the political incorrectness and nihilism of gut-wrenching early 1970s horrors. While this NC-17 movie didnít make much of a dent at the box office, it will never be forgotten by horror fans.

From its opening moments, the 1978-set "Rejects" reminds us that there is something undeniably freaky about the 1970s, perhaps just the absence of cell phnes or a nihilism that existed in the post-Watergate period that is definitely reflected I the horror films from the era. This was the era of Charles Manson, remember. The ranch at the beginning of this film is a bit reminiscent of Spahn Ranch, with a little "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" thrown in for good measure.

The film opens with a brutal gunfight at the farm-home of a family of Satanists led by Bill Moseley. Rob Zombie's wife Sheri Moon is somewhat unbelievable as the girl of the group. She's a tad too good looking to be in a family of butchers. More believable are Sid Haig as the John Wayne Gacy-like clown/serial killer, Sid Haig, as the long-haired leader and Leslie Easterbrook as the nearly demon-possessed matriarch of the clan.

"Devil's Rejects" begins with a documentary feel, and has shaky cameras throughout the storyline, which follows the exploits of a vengeful Christian cop (William Forsythe) as he becomes more and more pissed off at the satanic family's capacity to evade capture.

The performances in "Rejects" are all top notch, making the moments of sadism, already reminiscent of Craven's "Last House on the Left," all the more believable. Moseley is particularly chilling as the David Hess-like character. Watch for "Hills Have Eyes" star Michael Berryman in a small part, Ken Foree of "Dawn of the Dead" hamming it up quite well as a pimp and P.J. Soles of "Halloween" in another small part.

A must-see horror film from 2005, a year that saw an increasing amount of PG-13 fear films generating huge amounts of revenue.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore


Posted by Randy Hall on January 8, 2008
This movie is the greatest ever and Rob Zombie as great a director as he is a singer

Posted by sexy chick on January 8, 2008
if u want a good time call 1276 701 2474

Posted by ace69121 on October 22, 2008
Hell Yeah!! Rob Zombie fukn rules,House of 1000 Corpses totally kicks ass too! P.S. sexy chick r u 4 real?;)

Posted by one on February 8, 2009
not a single original scene or idea in this one and - like in the first one - even the otherwise brutal scenes are ruined by PAINFULLY bad acting. and clowns? really? is he a killer from outer space as well? forsythe is badass, however.

Posted by Spunker on October 28, 2009
I love the review by "one" right above me. I'm glad to see i'm not the only one who realised this piece of pure crap is what it is. It could have been alot better had Rob not used so much cgi when he didnt need to. I personally cannot stand most of the scenes in this movie because of this. Haig is great once again and Ken Foree was nice to see in it. BUT so many parts look incredibly stupid because Rob decided to use horrible cgi. Big mistake Rob. I thought u knew good movies? Well you don't! you can also tell that by both of your halloween's and your awful el superbeasto cartoon.( I love oldskool cartoons and stuff but yours was god awful crap and not funny at all. ) Anyways: 3 really unbearable scenes in The Devils Shmejects is when Sherri moon throws a cgi knife at the daughter in the hotel and it looks horrifyingly bad when in the girl..also so many blood splatters are horribly fake.. as well as the ending(that everyone seems to love because they are stupid) where they are all getting shot up, which the camera shots are really shaky so that u can hopefully not tell that all the bullet holes are horribly done in cgi. BUT u can totally tell because it looks awful. Another big drag was when the girl was smoked by a transport. It left a huge blood splatter on the ground that, if it weren't for cgi, could have looked very nice and awesome with some good gore effects instead of cgi. You really dissapointed me Rob. Please Please PLease PLease make something original again without cgi this time.. and not too much "i try so hard to make my movie badass"ness this time. It really doesnt work very well with REAL horror fans. Throwing a bunch of classic horror actors in your movie just aggrivates us. ESPECIALLY USING PLUTO AS PLUTO IN IT AND MAKING HIM SEEM COMPLETELY NON SCARY AND STUPID. that was the worst. i love the original hills have eyes and you almost ruined that movie for me. Thanks

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