Embrace of the Vampire (1996)
Directed by Anne Goursaud

Starring Alyssa Milano Glori Gold Martin Kemp Rebecca Ferratti Sabrina Allen Seana Ryan

Lame-ass attempt at an Anne Rice-style horror features topless vampires with silicone breast implants in the 1800s. Hey, they didn't have implants back then you dumb-ass movie makers! It has all the sex of '70s erotic vampire flicks like "Vampire Hookers" and "Daughters of Darkness" but none of the ]camp appeal.

A Euro vampire gives a modern-day all-American college-girl virgin (a frequently nude Alyssa Milano) a choice between him and her boyfriend. There's tons of nudity, not much gore. It's basically a soft porn movie and it sucks pretty hard, although Milano, as the college student slowly being seduced by a vampire, is gorgeous, with both her clothes on and off.

Jennifer Tilly helps by showing up late in the film as a leather-clad vampire after the boyfriend. She keeps her clothes on though, obviously so she could keep her integrity intact for what would become her best roll as the "Bride of Chucky."

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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