Fog (1980)
Directed by John Carpenter

Starring Adrienne Barbeau Hal Holbrook Jamie Lee Curtis Janet Leigh

A great horror movie, made by Carpenter immediately after he hit it big with "Halloween." It's since been forgotten, but it's a must-see, almost as good as "Halloween," and one of Carpenter's all-time best.

The seaside community of Antonio Bay is celebrating its centennial with a big bash being produced by town stalwart Janet Leigh (the shower victim in the original "Psycho" and Jamie Lee Curtis' real-life mom). But the town doesn't realize that it was founded with the blood of sailors killed on a shipwreck 100 years ago. When the fog rolls into town, the spirits of the slain sailors float into town and murder anyone in their path.

Beautifully photographed by Dean Cundey, a regular cinemaphotographer for Carpenter in the early years, and featuring a small role for Curtis' mother, Janet Leigh (of "Psycho" fame), this is a solid, early 1980s horror film and nearly qualifies as a classic. The film borrows a lot from the Spanish "Blind Dead" films, but surpasses them on every level. The spirits emerge with the fog—and only a few people realize what's going on as victims start popping up. One of the residents with a clue is radio station owner Adrienne Barbeau. The other is local priest Holbrook. Curtis stars as a hitchhiker in town at the wrong time. Adrienne Barbeau is a single-mother DJ who interrupts her jazz programming to warn residents about the ghostly fog that has invaded their quiet community. Once again, as with "Halloween," Carpenter wrote and performed the film's score.

Highly, highly, highly recommended.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore


Posted by phantomcreeps on June 7, 2008
Carpenter sure was a genius. This film is light on the gore, but who gives a flying fuck ,when you have visuals and atmosphere seeping out of every frame of film. Simply put, this is a fantastic film, and I wish people would see in its simplicity, that it mimics Halloween in many regards. The fact that the studio make him do gorier reshoots, is funny, when they didn't want that for Halloween, I'm Biased, but the Fog is Great! and I would personally Love to burn every fucking copy of the remake. That for me Was the beginning of the End. How fucking dare they!

Posted by PhantomClone·InX on October 10, 2009
This is the scariest ghost story I've ever seen. After Halloween, this is John Carpenter's best film. It's too bad that it's not as well-known as Halloween. A great cast, eerie atmosphere, and a chilling music score really add to this film. One of the creepiest movies ever made. Also, the remake was total shit.

Posted by Rob on May 24, 2012
This is a masterpiece. Very moody and atmespheric. Stunning visuals, as a coastal person who spends every vacation I can lay my hands on traveling up and down the california coast, I must say Carpenter has managed to capture the feel of the northern coast and put it on the big screen and turn it into a haunted other worldy place. Believe me because of this movie, I find the coast very haunting and often desolite, and occasionally dark, at the same time maintaining a terrible beauty. Yes people whay yu got in the move is the feel of those lonely areas of calis coast. Just recently the wife and I stayed in Morro Bay, which is not any differant from Antonio Bay(actually) filmed in Marin county way up north. After a night of parting and dancing I got my 3tablet out and watched this movie as the seaside town of Morro Bay went to sleep. Great fun. I agreee with the blogger who commented on the remake. The remake sucked, and all involved should have been arrested or deported.

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