Addiction (1995)
Directed by Abel Ferrara

Starring Annabella Sciorra Christopher Walken Edie Falco Lili Taylor

A must-see for college kids wearing black.

When she isn't watching My Lai Massacre footage at her university or listening to speeches by Hitler at home, Taylor is a blood-sucking vampire!

Slow, black-and-white and a little too talky and philosophical, "The Addiction" is helped by the presence of Walken as a vampire philosopher. He's his usual creepy self. The oh-so-obvious analogy to drug addictionówith Taylor injecting herself with her first victims' bloodómakes the film somewhat interesting. But it's inferior to the similar, ultra-cool "Nadja," a black-and-white vampire flick released a year earlier.

Still ya gotta love some of Taylor's philosophical, vampire psycho-babble. "Existence is the search for relief from our habit," she says. "And our habit is the only relief we can find." There's a pretty cool massacre at the end, with a bunch of college student vampires taking a bite out of professors at a reception.

Recommended to say the least, but don't expect to be catching a masterpiece. In addition to "Nadja," "Fright Night" is a much better vampire film than this, not to mention "Interview with the Vampire." Still, if you're a goth, you're sure to like this one.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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