Gothic (1986)
Directed by Ken Russell

Starring Gabriel Byrne Julian Sands Myriam Cyr Natasha Richardson Timothy Spall

If you've ever seen the original "Bride of Frankenstein," you might remember the opening where author Mary Shelley explains to a group of assembled guests what inspired her to write her legendary novel.

That night is captured hereóin all its wild and orgiastic detailóby Russell, with Miranda Richardson in the role of Shelley. Drugs, ghost stories, visions and personal horrors are revealed during one rainy night at the Lord Byron's (Byrne) estate.

Despite some impressive special effects, wild lighting, bugs, rats, leeches and other fun horror movie elements, this is an arty farty mess from Russell, who is a hit and miss director. His best two horror films are "The Devils" and "Lair of the White Worm."

Sick intellectuals might get a kick out of it though.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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