From a Whisper to a Scream (aka The Offspring) (1986)
Directed by Jeff Burr

Starring Cameron Mitchell Clu Gulager Rosalind Cash Vincent Price

A very old Price was lured out of retirement to serve as host of this anthology of horror tales. He's a historian who recounts four horror tales to a reporter interested in learning more about Price's niece, an executed murderess, (played in a cameo role by Martine Beswick). All the tales are nice and gut wrenching, and like any "Tales From the Crypt" story feature characters with serious moral deficiencies who are begging for some form of supernatural death. Unfortunately, the stories themselves just aren't very good.

The best one of the bunch involves necrophilia and a homicidal, monster baby that is conceived as a result of an elderly man's romance with a (deceased) young woman. Pretty sick stuff. Fans should remember Gulager (who plays the old sicko) from "Return of the Living Dead." This is a unique role for him, and it's actually pretty difficult to recognize him behind the thick glasses and (dyed) white hair he has for this role. Even with the monster baby, however, this tale, like the others in the film, lacks something. There's no real surprise or punch in the story. While this is a decent film, it doesn't reach the level of other '80s anthology horror films, like "Tales From the Darkside." Even some of "Creepshow 2" is better.

The only other tale that is truly memorable is the last one, where a group of Yankee soldiers during the Civil War run into a group of Rebel kids, whose parents were all killed in the war. The kids are psychotic, naturally, and get off on torturing and killing the Yankee soldiers. Yeah, we saw it all done better in the lackluster "Children of the Corn" and even earlier in the masterpiece, "Island of the Damned." Cameron Mitchell plays the corrupt leader of the Yankee group.

Film is out of print, but you can find it collecting dust on some rental store shelves. Worth watching if you have nothing better to do.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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