Habit (1997)
Directed by Larry Fessenden

Starring Aaron Beall Alan Bandit Dale Cameron Michael Buscemi

Surprisingly excellent, offbeat vampire film with writer/director/editor Fessenden also starring as a New York slacker who finds himself in a deeply dysfunctional relationship with a female vampire. Fessenden runs into the woman at a Halloween costume party. They hit it off then, in a typical maneuver, she disappears while he's rushing back to the party to find his coat.

Naturally she turns up again, slowly casting her spell over Fessenden and screwing up his life as he slowly transforms into a bloodsucking parasite like her. It's very low-key and psychological, but extremely well-made. Unfortunately this film didn't enjoy much of a release except as a video. Critics the world over praised it.

Definitely worth catching. Here's hoping Fessenden makes more movies.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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