Howling V: The Rebirth (1987)
Directed by Neal Sundstrom

Starring Philip Davis Victoria Catlin

Mild improvement in the god-awful "Howling" series has a group of invited guests winding up at a deserted castle and being murdered one-by-one by a werewolf. One of the guests is obviously the werewolf. The trick for the ones that want to live is finding out who it is.

I can appreciate that this was shot on a shoe-string budget and, given that, can say it's a decent effort at making a suspenseful movie. But setting it in a castle was way too ambitious for such a cheap movie. The film ends up being too talky and with no memorable werewolf effects to speak of (you hardly see the monster) is an almost total waste of time.

Still, for the horrible "Howling" series, it was an improvement. Actress Catlin went on to play "Blackie," the madame of the brothel One Eyed Jack's, in the great TV series "Twin Peaks."

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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