Humanoids from the Deep (1980)
Directed by Barbara Peters

Starring Ann Turkel Cindy Weintraub Doug McClure Vic Morrow

Schlocky, entertaining piece of nudie horror nonsense from executive producer Roger Corman. As a horny teen, I watched this over and over again when it used to air on HBO. One can't say it's generated a cult following over the years since its release. But it has managed to stubbornly stay in print and was even remade as a cable TV movie (without the sex).

Humanoid monsters invade a local fishing community and rape some women. It's an excuse for a couple of nude scenes. There's a pretty shocking pay off at the end of the film when a woman actually gives birth to one of the monster babies. Rob Bottin provided the make-up effects, which are actually pretty decent throughout the film (although some of the monster costumes are laughable).

The flick is somewhat professionally done and isn't unwatchably bad. But it isn't anything to twist and shout about either. Director Peeters has said that she didn't direct some of the more "intense" scenes in the film. As it turns out, they were probably the best things in the movie.

If you do decide to buy or rent it, watch out. A TV movie remake was also once made available on video. You want to avoid that one. Go for the genuine sex and violence of the Roger Corman original.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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