Humongous (1981)
Directed by Paul Lynch

Starring David Wallace Janet Julian Janit Baldwin John Wildman Joy Boushel

A woman is raped in the 1940s, and naturally becomes pregnant. The child of course turns out to be deformed.

When a group of spring break partiers crash into an island where the rape occurred, they naturally find themselves pit against this deformity, who is so big he could literally be considered "humongous," hence the title.The creature naturally kills off only those characters who deserve to die (i.teens that have sexual desire), and only the virgin of the bunch (Julian) can defeat it.

This movie sucks. Even catching it as a teen on HBO, I was bored out of my mind. The monster looks lame and the film is so dark it's difficult to even see what's going on.It has a cool poster. That's about the most anyone can give it.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

Posted by Humongo on May 31, 2008
Your review is way off base. This is classic 80's b-movie, and this is the 1st and last time I look at this site. You probably think "Scream" is brilliant. What a joke of a site

Posted by Sammy Surfer on August 16, 2008
If anyone thinks that humongous Sucked, then what can I tell you exept that you dont know your Horror Movies. This movie is a classic with the distinction of having a very good story that usually plagues 80's Horror movies. No Im sorry but if you dont like Humongous then your taste in horror films probably falls along the lines of crap like nightmare on elmstreet or Scream.

Posted by rancid on September 15, 2009
i agree with the last 2 comments you dont know dick

Posted by fulci on October 26, 2009
this site praises boranormal craptivity and slams this early 80s classic.i guess some people fall for hype and trends

Posted by slasherdude on June 23, 2010
love this film a lot, it has a good story, a cool monster... only sad thing is that it might be a little to dark in some of the scenes, but it makes it even more scary :)

Posted by garyps on August 16, 2011
I've been waiting forever for a DVD release...I'll be first in line. I think "someone" really missed the mark with this classic. LOVE IT!!!

Posted by AxeheaveR on September 27, 2011
OK, I'll give you a little room to say this wasn't anything extraordinary, but to say it sucks....thats a bridge too far.

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