I Drink Your Blood (1970)
Directed by David E. Durston

Starring Bhasker Roy Chowdury Iris Brooks John Damon Ronda Fultz

Originally distributed on a double bill with an obscure 1960s clunker called "I Eat Your Skin," this was badly cut to get an R rating in the U.S. Still, even in its cut version, this is a fun film that, for the first half, exploits America's early '70s paranoia about hippies, and during the last half is a high-energy, action-packed, rabid-zombie-menace film.

The story: A group of satan-worshipping hippies give an old man LSD. "Satan was an acid-head," the leader of the group tells his followers. The old man has a pretty bad night. The next morning his grandson gets revenge by injecting the blood of a rabid dog into 12 meat pies, which he sells to the cult members.

Naturally, the cult goes completely crazy. It isn't long before they've attacked a construction crew, giving all of them rabies, and suddenly the town is turned upside down by madmen frothing at the mouth and hacking everyone they run into with axes, cleavers, swords or any other handy weapon.

The performances are pretty laughable and the cult leader doesn't deliver the level of charisma we'd expect from a Satanic High Priest (Bhaskar). The cuts also hurt this film, because characters suddenly disappear with no explanation as to what happened to them. But in the end, once the pace picks up, it's a fun movie, and one that clearly influenced David Cronenberg's "Rabid." Speaking of Cronenberg, Lynn Lowry, who played the nurse in "Shivers", has a role as a beautiful, mute Satanist in this flick.

Still, if you do decide to see this film, you should look for the uncut version, which is available from some underground video dealers. Something Weird Video released a cut version of the movie on tape.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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