Inferno (1980)
Directed by Dario Argento

Starring Daria Nicolodi Eleonora Giorgi Irene Miracle Leigh McCloskey Sacha PitoŽff

Really weak sequel to Argento's "Suspiria" has some nice photography, but less gore and no suspense. The score by Keith Emerson doesn't have the bite of the music Goblin performed for Argento's two previous films.

There is a cool underwater scene in the opening moments of hte movie. You might also recognize Gabriele Lavia as a victim. He's a frequent actor in many of Argento movies, including "Deep Red" and "Sleepless." But after the brutal and uncompromising "Suspiria" this film really comes across as a watered-down effort. It wouldn't be surprising if the major studio that released it following the success of "Suspiria" pressured the filmmaker to tone things down.

The film is a must for fans, however. Mario Bava also worked on the production, and helped direct some scenes. Fortunately, Argento apparently realized this flick was a dud and brought back Goblin for his later films, all of which boasted better special effects and genuine shocks. Still, Argento never made films as kick-ass as "Deep Red" or "Suspiria" ever again.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore


Posted by Juliana on April 22, 2012
I doubt that it will be that horrific. I think it will be just stuff going on in her mind mstoly. With ballet movies, it is impossible to great the kind of gut wretching drama that you get with drug addicts or serial killers. (Although I did see an episode of Angel (A Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff series) where an evil magician had a beautiful ballerina (Summer Glau) and a male ballerina trapped in a Swan Lake performance for all eternity. That was awesome.)Ballet people are general completely good. The Center Stage type of plots have been all used up, so they have to throw a bit of bi-sexuality and some scary tricks with mirrors to make this one dramatic.I also find it interesting that this movie is rated R, which means that a lot of children and younger teenage ballet students won't be able to see it in the theater.

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