Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
Directed by Philip Kaufman

Starring Brooke Adams Donald Sutherland Jeff Goldblum Leonard Nimoy Veronica Cartwright

Excellent remake/sequel to Don Siegel's paranoid classic of the same name, this features some top-notch (for the time) make-up effects, a wonderful San Francisco location and—best yet—Spock!

Yes, that's correct, Leonard Nimoy makes a pre-"Star Trek: The Motion Picture" appearance in this great movie, which comes across as a cross between the original and a (serious) Woody Allen film. As in the 1956 classic, aliens are taking over the bodies of earth people in an attempt to take over the world. Health inspector Sutherland becomes suspicious and teams up with a group of friends (Adams, Jeff Goldblum and Veronica Cartwright of "Alien") in an attempt to survive.

Director Kaufman puts a 1970s spin on the proceedings by making all the characters sensitive to issues like health, psychology and politics. Nimoy plays a famous self-help author who, naturally, becomes a leader of the alien drive to take over the world.

One of the best scenes features a dog with a human head—the result of an alien replication process that went awry.

Highly, highly recommended. Another remake of the story was made in 1993.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore


Posted by garyps on August 16, 2011
One of the most gripping horror films I've ever seen (of thousands...) and one that gives that errie "this could really happen" vibe. I've probably watched this 50x since seeing it with a friend when we walked to the theatre to see it at 8 years old (seriously). A TRUE CLASSIC!!!

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