Vampyres (1974)
Directed by Joseph Larraz

Starring Anulka Dziubinska Brian Deacon Marianne Morris Murray Brown Sally Faulkner

Decent, sexually charged vampire flick features a duo of sexy female vamps who lure horny men and suck them dry.

With "Daughters of Darkness," it stands head and shoulders above the other "erotic vampire" films that have been made over the years, most notably the neutered productions that were cranked out of Hammer in the 1970s: "Twins of Evil," "Lust for a Vampire" and "The Vampire Lovers."

For Euro-trash fans the film's a must. It's notably bloodier and more explicit than anything that is being produced today. Anchor Bay's DVD release also includes director commentary by Joseph Larraz, and it's entertaining to hear him talk about shooting the sex and killing scenes and how the two gorgeous lead actresses were "good sports" to go along with the project. Blue Underground came out with the most definitive DVD edition, featuring some scenes cut from the Anchor Bay release.

The film opens with the two lesbian "vampyres" (Morris and gorgeous Playboy Playmate Anulka Dziubinska) of the title being gunned down in bed. Of course, the action doesn't kill them because they're vampires, but it definitely sets the tone for an uncompromising '70s horror film. Eventually the vampire girls lure unsuspecting male victims to their British mansion. After sex they drain them of blood. The men are left conflicted-needing to leave for the sake of their survival, but unable to give up their newfound sex lives. A couple camping nearby become suspicious as they witness weird goings on at the mansion and eventually fall prey to the vampires' charms.

The ending is a disappointment, but Larraz's film delivers plenty of punch, particularly in the uncut version that was released by Anchor Bay in the late '90s. Cut versions of the film are also floating around. Larraz also directed the outstanding (and very hard to find) "Deviation."

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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