Jason X (2002)
Directed by James Isaac

Starring Chuck Campbell Kane Hodder Lexa Doig Lisa Ryder Peter Mensah

The best Jason movie since the sixth, "Jason X" does its best to meld the "Friday" franchise with sci-fi, with low-budget space effects look like computer generation rejects from the "Next Generation" TV series. Pulling off such a stupid idea is a testament to the creativity of director Isaac and first-time screenwriter Todd Farmer (who also has a small part as a victim).

Unlike the awful "Jason Goes to Hell," which also tried to meld the Jason mythos with a kind of sci-fi (having Jason being possessed by a slug-like entity that can jump from body to body), "Jason X" pays tribute to the original franchise while ripping off "Alien." We saw it with "Leprechaun in Space," but it's done better here.

The film starts in the near future, with Jason imprisoned in a research facility at Camp Crystal Lake. David Cronenberg has a cameo as a scientist who wants to prevent Jason from being frozen (they've already tried killing him unsuccessful) so that his body and its amazing regenerative abilities can be studied. Naturally, Jason gets loose and kills a bunch of people. One woman (Lexa Doig) is able to stop him, however, by freezing his body, and unintentionally freezing herself in the process.

Flash forward 400 or so years. An expedition of student scientists uncovers the frozen Jason and would-be victim at the facility, take them aboard a spaceship and head off to Earth II, the new habitat for humans (Earth has become unliveable). Once on board the ship, the story quickly takes on "Alien" dimensions, with the professor/head of the expedition hoping to preserve Jason for greedful reasons and Doig playing the Sigourney Weaver character, trying to warn everyone on board about the monster in their midst. Naturally, Jason comes to life, and the crew and 400-year-old girl survivor are forced to battle the monster/psychopath aboard the ship.

The movie is better than it sounds. The Jason formula -- man in hockey mask kills off sexually active teens -- even works in space. The fact that it was made by people who weren't ashamed of making a Jason movie also helps. Farmer's script actually delivers a high-octane action-packed ending, along with genuine scares and, of course, loads of self-mocking humor. Unlike other horror-actioners of late, the film does scare. You fear for these characters. Amazing but true. The film is also surprisingly gory. A man is cut in half. A woman's face is frozen then broken off. Jason's head explodes. The censors let the filmmakers get away with a lot more than they did in the 1980s.

The very best scene in the movie, however, is a virtual reality trip back to Camp Crystal Lake with Jason confronting campers again, and it makes one yearn for the days that his franchise stuck to its roots. But this is still the best film the series has produced since "Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives." Panned by critics, as all films in this franchise are, "Jason X" got some praise from fans, but flopped at the box office. It was followed by "Freddy vs. Jason."

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-- Review by Lucius Gore


Posted by phantomcreeps on June 7, 2008
I'm Sorry, but his movie was horrible. The ONLY 2 good scenes are the ice smashed face and the hologram Crystal Lake Scene. Other than those 5 minutes, this movie was horrid. I Mean Serioulsy, the fucking end wher Jason is shot back towards the Spacesip and the astrounat moves him away like a fucking windshield wiper has to be the most disgraceful Friday The 13th moment ever. IF that guy wasn't there, would Jason attach himself to the Spaceship and Continue to kill everyone? I'm so sorry, but this movie is fucking pathetic , and just makes me laugh every time I see the end. What the hell where they thinking.

Posted by on October 3, 2008
see what i mean im not the only one that thinks jason x is a fucking shittie movie thanks phantomcreeps

Posted by whorvees on February 11, 2009
yeah, this movie blew and blew hard. doig being in it makes sense cuz it's basically that andromeda show where she played the spaceship's "personality" with jason in it. it even has the same lighting and overall look as that or xena or hercules or any other hour long syndicated tv show from the early 2000s.

Posted by Tania on May 21, 2009
Hello There, I played one of the campers at Crystal Lake.....What a fun day that was!

Posted by Vesus on February 18, 2011
This movie is to Friday the 13th what Resurrection is to Halloween. An absolute abomination. There is one funny scene where they rehash the sleeping bag kill from part 7. So there's about 30 seconds of worthwhile footage...1 minute if you count the frozen face smash. Headless Pamela Voorhees is rolling over in her grave at this piece of shit sequel.

Posted by Butcher on January 3, 2013
Sorry, but this movie absolutely suks. It's even not gory, at all, kills are TOO soft.

Posted by Ethan on May 19, 2013
What were these idiots watching? This movie was fucking brilliant. They had good reason to make it "Jason X", not "Friday the 13th X". That franchise was over 15 years played out when this came along. Even then, only a couple of these movies are worth watching more than once, and this is one. At the very least, this is one of the best horror movie sequels made in the "goes to space" category.

Posted by Craine on June 2, 2013
This movie makes Uwe Boll's films look like a Oscar- winner. The whole story is a a piece of dog shit and special effects may have been borrowed from 'Asylum' studio. 'Jason Goes to Hell' at lest was gory and Part 8 was at least funny. Jason X is an absolute trash. I do not know what what kind of drugs Todd Farmer prick in the vein, but I hope, that he will burn in hell for this film.

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