Kiss (1988)
Directed by Pen Densham

Starring Joanna Pacula Meredith Salenger Mimi Kuzyk Nicholas Kilbertus

When a teenage girl's mother dies in a cool freak accident—she's dismembered in a long drawn-out car crash—her mom's sister shows up and suddenly more Omen-like freak accidents start taking place. The sister, of course, turns out to be an evil pagan who's up to no good. Freak accidents abound—and they have something to do with an African talisman the pagan babe carries around.

None of these freak accidents match up to anything in the Omen series—and, in fact, nobody dies during them (except, of course, during the first one).

The flick's only saving grace is the beautiful women in its cast, but only one of them (Pacula as the pagan evil chick) ever takes her clothes off.

Talky, plodding and plotless, "The Kiss" will no doubt wind up on the ash heap of horror film history. But that Pacula sure is gorgeous.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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