Vampire Journals (1996)
Directed by Ted Nicolaou

Starring David Gunn Ilinca Goia Kirsten Cerre Mihai Dinvale Starr Andreeff

Annie Rice-inspired Nicolaou, the writer and director of the schlocky but excellent "Subspecies" series, created this rather boring and romantic vampire film that looks like it was cast with members of The Cure.

All the vampires look like goth rock tars. The story, about a feud between a "good" vampire and a "bad" one is tired. It lacks the cheesy charm of the Subspecies films, doesn't have enough action and the vampires seem too goth effeminate to seem threatening. Even a marathon of naked vampire victim breasts and a couple of beheadings aren't enough to hold one's interest during a movie this wimpy.

Nicolaou, thankfully, went back to making "Subspecies" movies and never made a sequel to this one.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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