Lips of Blood (1975)
Directed by Jean Rollin

Starring Annie Belle Catherine Castel Jean-Loup Philippe Martine Grimaud Nathalie Perrey

Brilliant art-horror film from Rollin, whose had a mixed career to say the least. Even if you've seen some of the sexually-ravenous director's other works and hated them, you may want to check this film out.

Surreal, atmospheric and well-acted, this subtitled French film gives a sympathetic portrayal of its long-haired, chic 1970s hero (Philippe) who is haunted by the memories of a mysterious woman he met in the ruins of a castle as a child.

He asks his mother about the experience, only to be accused of insanity. Seeing scantily clad vampire women where-ever he goes, he begins to believe he may going mad, until a blind man gives him a copy of postcard with the very castle on it he remembers from his childhood.

As I wrote above, Rollin's work is a mixed bag, but this stands out as one of his best. He had great actors, an inspiring plot and what appears to be a reasonable budget for what is definitely a must-see movie, particularly for vampire fans. The frequently nude vampire babes in this film put the vampire vixens of Hammer fame to shame.

In short, this is a wonderful movie, available for the first time in the U.S. thanks to the folks at Redemption, which has been putting out Euro-trash films in England and the U.S. for a few years now. Of all the films released by them I've seen, this easily stands out as the best.

Don't miss this movie, which in France goes by the title, "Levres de sang." A hardcore XXX-rated version was reportedly also released with the title "Suck Me Vampire."

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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