Majorettes (1978)
Directed by S. William Hinzman

Starring Angela Canalungo Jacqueline Bowman Teresa Almendarez

Pretty silly slasher film from writer John Russo, the man famous for co-scripting "Night of the Living Dead" with George Romero. Director Hinzman played the graveyard zombie in "Night."

If anyone ever needed proof that it was Romero—not Russo—who made "Night" a great movie, this is it. Released about a decade before "Scream," at a time when slasher films were dead as a genre, the film follows the teen exploits of the majorettes—a group of gorgeous girls at a high school—who are being killed off one by one. Much of the screen time is spent with the camera leering at the majorettes as they hang around in one-piece bathing suits. Even by early slasher movie standards, this one is a little too obvious. Director Hinzman starred as the lead cemetery zombie in "Night of the Living Dead." He and Russo go way back.

The killer turns out to be the sheriff. "Sluts, teases, taunting their bodies. They had to be purified," he says after being captured and blackmailed. At the time of this writing, Russo was at work directing a 30th anniversary "special edition" of "Night of the Living Dead."

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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