Nadja (1994)
Directed by Michael Almereyda

Starring Elina Lowensohn Martin Donovan Peter Fonda

Sophisticated black-and-white vampire flick presented by David Lynch is ideal for cappuccino-sipping goths—but general audiences with enough intelligence to appreciate its subtleties and black humor should enjoy it as well.

Stylish, sexy and not particularly scary, the film follows the exploits of Nadja (Lowensohn), a seductive Romanian vampire who stalks victims in modern-day Manhattan. She finds herself in a war against her vampire brother (Jared Harris). He hates his evil sister so much, he even joins forces with famed vampire hunter Dr. Van Helsing (Fonda) in a war against his sister. Watch for Lynch in a role as a night guard.

Fonda is particularly cool as the down-to-earth stoner-intellectual vampire hunter who discusses his exploits of burning blood-suckers' bodies over coffee as if he were talking about car repair. It has the pace of cult films of yore, which is pretty slow. But its underlying sense of humor is so rich that anyone with half the IQ of George W. Bush should find this film at the very least amusing. It also bears a lot of similarities to the more popular, but inferior, "Addiction," also shot in black and white.

Flick's got a great soundtrack too, with tunes by Portishhead and My Bloody Vampire ... or is it My Bloody Valentine?

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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