Uncanny (1977)
Directed by Denis Héroux

Starring Donald Pleasence John Vernon Peter Cushing Ray Milland Samantha Eggar

A decent anthology horror film with Peter Cushing in the role of a deranged author attempting to sell publisher Ray Milland on printing his book about cats. Convinced that cats are really the beasts in charge of the earth, he tells three stories he discovered while researching his paranoid magnum opus.

The best of the three is the first: A maid and the nephew of a dying old woman attempt to steal her will when she decides to write everyone out of it except the 150 or so cats that live in her mansion. The maid is caught snatching the will red-handed and naturally has to suffocate the old hag. The cats go ballistic. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what happens next. Ultimately it's a great "Tales From the Crypt"-style story.

The second tale is also a nice one: A little girl, adopted by a mean step-family, is tormented by her new older sister. When the sister and the family decide to get rid of the girl's beloved black cat, the child uses witchcraft she learned from her mother to get revenge. I won't spoil it by telling you what she does.

The last piece stars Donald Pleasence of "Halloween" fame and Samantha Eggar, best known to horror fans for starring in "The Brood." It's more of a horror comedy piece and the weakest link in the film, but it delivers some goods.

An interesting aside: Cushing starred in this film the same year he appeared in "Star Wars."

A fun horror flick for fans of "Tales From the Crypt" and other anthology films. Sadly, this puppy's out of print.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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