Nest (1988)
Directed by Terence H. Winkless

Starring Franc Luz Lisa Langlois Robert Lansing Terri Treas

A bad creature feature from Roger Corman's New Concorde Pictures, this film pits smalltown island folk against a strain of super-mutant cockroaches that can't be killed by ordinary repellant and also tend to "mimic" the victims it attacks. The evil bugs are the creation of a corporation that is opening shop on the island.

Sounds like an idea that was later used for the film "Mimic." Maybe they borrowed it. If they did, it means something good came from this movie, because it's painfully slow. The characters hardly seem real. The story is weak. The atmosphere and direction are stilted and boring. The actors are all less-than-soap-opera quality (other than Robert Lansing, who plays the corrupt mayor, and who also starred in the similar monster bug movie "Kingdom of the Spiders").

The one saving grace of the movie is the make-up effects, which include a transformation scene and even an exploding monster head.

But it isn't enough to save this forgotten late '80s schlocker. Unlike other Corman productions from the era, it doens't have any political bite ("The Unborn"), suspense ("The Terror Within") or sex ("Humanoids From the Deep.") All in all, it's a big fat disappointment.


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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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