Night of the Demon (1980)
Directed by James C. Wasson

Starring Bob Collins Joy Allen

Not to be confused with the other "Night of the Demon" -- the classic British horror film redubbed "Curse of the Demon" in the U.S. -- this early 1980s, basically direct-to-video production is truly the sleaziest Bigfoot movie ever made. And like most entries in this peculiar sub-genre of '70s horror, it's a so-bad-it's-funny sermon on the dangers of man's invasion of bigfoot's wildlife.

A teacher and his students decide to head to the forest in search of the legendary Sasquatch. As they hike, the teacher retells stories of some of Bigfoot's latest killings. These graphic flashbacks -- full of sex and ripped jugulars -- keep the movie interesting as the plot hardly moves ahead. The most interesting murder involves two girl scouts, lost from their group, who are forced to stab one another to death.

Eventually, the plot thickens when the students run into an old house in the woods, and learn that its sole, wacked-out resident is a woman who had sex with bigfoot as a girl. That old tabloid headline "Bigfoot baby born!" turn out to be true.

Bigfoot eventually stages a siege on the house, pretty much killing everyone off in slow motion, at one point waving the entrails of a victim around.

Probably the most entertaining R-rated bigfoot movie around, this doesn't deliver the unintentional laughs of "Curse of Bigfoot," but it should satisfy Sasquatch fans. Lynn Eastman, who had a part in "Phantasm," has a small role here as well.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore


Posted by phantomcreeps on October 6, 2007
Never even heard of this, but looks like a slide into a pool of cheese balls. Count me in after 2 six packs!

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