Hell of the Living Dead (1983)
Directed by Bruno Mattei

Starring Franco Garofalo Gaby Renom Josť Gras Margit Evelyn Newton Selan Karay

This poorly made Italian zombie pic not only rips off dialogue from George Romero's "Night of the Living Dead," but even has the audacity to utilize parts of Goblin's soundtrack from "Dawn of the Dead" Those are the only, and I mean only, things that this clunker has in common with Romero's brilliant zombie trilogy.

Some sort of alternative food source experiment in New Guinea goes awry and the resulting toxic cloud turns the local natives into flesh-eating zombies.

A military team is sent in to investigate. As they stumble through a studio backlot, they occasionally point off-screen and we see a slow motion insert from a National Geographic special of a some animal running across the plains or other such topography that looks nothing like where the actors are standing.

There are some gory scenes, as expected from any Italian zombie film, but they hardly justify sitting through this excruciatingly bad film.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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