Nosferatu (1979)
Directed by Werner Herzog

Starring Bruno Ganz Isabelle Adjani Klaus Kinski Roland Topor

One of the best vampire films ever made, this richly textured remake of the original 1922 horror classic "Nosferatu" is easily the single greatest retelling of the Dracula legend ever put to film.

The 1922 original actually marked the very first time the Dracula story made it to celluloid. The only problem was that the filmmakers hadn't secured the rights to the character and got into some nasty legal trouble. But as time went by, Dracula eventually evolved into a public domain character, and now just about everyone and their mother uses him. One of the better modern Drac pics was the Francis Ford Coppola retelling, "Bram Stoker's Dracula," a hit flick that just about every Tom, Dick and Harry has seen.

It's too bad that everyone hasn't seen Herzog's take on the tale. This is an incredible movie. The photography, acting, music and make-up are all awe-inspiring. As in the original 1922 film, Dracula (Kinski) is depicted as a rat-like monster with Spock ears and claws.

When he finally shows up in London, the deaths that result from his nasty blood-sucking habits are blamed on the plague. A plethora of rats arrive in town with him and in one classic scene, a family enjoys a final meal together outdoors as rats swarm around them.

Anchor Bay re-released this film on video in both English and German-language versions. They're both the same length and the dubbing is flawless on the English-language version.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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