Resident Evil Extinction (2007)
Directed by Russell Mulcahy

Starring Ali Larter Ashanti Douglas Chris Egan Iain Glen Mike Epps Milla Jovovich Oded Fehr

I liked the first "Resident Evil" movie and actually liked the second one too – even more – but I didn't include a review for Part 2 on this site because it just didn’t feel at all like a horror movie. More an action sci-fi with a few zombies thrown in.

The third installment brings back, in my view, more zombies, a bit more horror, and it does almost qualify as a horror flick, so here's a review.

I gotta say, when it comes to totally braindead, zone out, hypnotize-you-for-90-minutes-then-have-you-forget-about-it-when-you-leave-the-theater fun, "Resident Evil" movies do seem to deliver. Unlike the "Blade" series, which tanked with the third installment, the "RE" franchise seems to get better with each one. This is the best of the three, which (true) isn't saying a ton, but if you're looking for a way to occupy your brain for an hour and a half without challenging it much, this is a good way to do it.

After the events of the second film, which I don't truthfully remember at this point (something about a metropolis being overrun by zombies and Milla Jolovich's Alice character kicking ass after getting out of a laboratory), we're treated to an apocalyptic, Road Warrior-like world where the planet has been taken over by zombies. Now, the world is a total desert – sand everywhere. How did that happen so fast from the last movie? No matter.

Men with suits in a bunker are still conducting zombie experiments and have their eye on Alice (Milla), who is a clone that can somehow be tracked via satellite. Alice is also a "good guy" who helps good people stranded out in the desert. When she's trcked by some thugs into helping them with their baby (which is really just used as bait), she kicks their asses. She also has psychic powers.

She bonds with a rag-tag team of good guys in trucks (a la, Mel Gibson in "The Road Warrior"). After a very cool trip to a sand-covered Las Vegas, an attempt on her life by the men in the bunker (who foolishly move their activities to a nearby tent), following scientific experiments that create super ultra-aggressive zombies, she and her team of good guys come up with a plan to break into the bunker, steal a helicopter and, ultimately, help her kill the scientists that cloned her. Or something.

The film is loaded with great set pieces. There are more zombies this time around. A mad Republican scientist (Iain Glen reprising his role from the second film). And best yet, a "From Beyond"-like creature/bad scientist mutant at the end of the movie.

If it sounds dumb it is, but it's a fun flick. Director Russel Mulcahy also helmed the famous Duran/Duran videos of the 1980s and he directed an obscure 1980s horror movie called "Razorback."

Here's hoping they make a fourth "RE".

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-- Review by Lucius Gore


Posted by dan on September 10, 2009
This movie is horrible if you have any prior experiance with the RE video games.... well not so much 5, if you think 5 is the best game then you will think this is the best movie. Im a hard core RE fan and i have played all the games and seen all the movies and this is tied for the worst thing in the franchise along with the second movie. I will say that if you have only seen the movies this is not all that bad to watch but if you ar a fan of the games then just stay away because this movie will leave a bad taste in your mouth... Lets just say this movie made me laugh then cry....then break things

Posted by kimi on September 4, 2011

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