Dead Alive (1992)
Directed by Peter Jackson

Starring Diana Penalver Timothy Balme

Peter Jackson's third movie was the ultimate gore-fest, out-gunning such famous bloodbaths as "Dawn of the Dead" and "Re-animator." The zombie storyline is weak, however, and in the end this movie just turns out to be a senseless black comedy inspired heavily by Monty Python.

Lionel (Timothy Balme) tries to manage when his mother becomes a flesh-eating zombie and begins making the living dead out of everyone in town. Meanwhile a beautiful young neighbor (Penalver) is trying to strike up a romance with the momma's boy as an evil uncle maneuvers to get his hands on the family fortune.

The film climaxes with a special-effects blood feast. Jackson went on to direct the outstanding "Heavenly Creatures" and abysmal "Frighteners."

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

Posted by on April 21, 2009
one of the best gore movies ever made , i dont care what the critics say,this movie was a outright funny gorefest and i have a blast every time i watch it ,but be sure to get the ditectors unrated version,the R rated version is so chopped up that it only runs about forty minutes and doesnt make any sense.

Posted by johnstevens on June 23, 2009
 Glad I found this page via Google!

Posted by angeleyes on July 15, 2010
i laughed thru the whole movie i loved it,it was so gory but so fake,its one of those movies u have to watch after a couple of shots:)peter jackson dod one hell of a job in this movie,,,,,big time:)

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