Thirty Days of Night (2007)
Directed by David Slade

Starring Ben Foster Craig Hall Danny Huston Danny Huston Josh Hartnett Manu Bennett Melissa George

Based on a popular graphic novel and helmed by the director of "Hard Candy," you'd think "30 Days of Night" would be a near masterpiece. For its budget, "Hard Candy" was one of the best thrillers in years. Produced by Sam Raimi, "30 Days of Night" featured a huge budget and a great concept: vampires take over an Alaskan town where there are 30 days of nothing but night.

It was one of the most hotly anticipated horror films of 2007, with just about every site on genre films going on and on and on about the production and how great it would be. Unfortunately, the film has some great moments and clearly is based on some effective source material. But the performances fall flat, the characters are one-dimensional and even the villainous vampires look like an over-hip army of Marilyn Mansons. In short, "30 Days of Night" is an OK fear film, better than direct-to-video dreck, but not much more. It's even below "Blade: Trinity."

The film opens with a little bit of soap opera drama between town sheriff Hartnett and wife who now doesn't want him Melissa George, who also happens to be town's fire marshal. (The two are probably the best looking Alaskan law enforcement officials in the history of the state.) When George misses her flight out of town before the 30 days of night that are about to beset the town and someone else mysteriously kills all the town dogs you know we're being set up for a massacre and a reunion between husband and wife.

A Renfield-like drifter is arrested for causing trouble, and he hints that bad times are on their way, freaking out Hartnett's family assigned to watch over him in the town jail. When the vampires show up in full force to massacre the town, they look uber-hip and may be Russian, speaking in either Russian or some kind of vampire dialect. They quickly wipe out most of the town, leaving Hartnett, George and a ragtag team of survivors left to hold up in an attic and figure out how to survive the month before the sun comes up.

Despite a "Night of the Living Dead"-style plot and even a screaming-killer-vampire-kid, "Days" falls flat. The characters are too one-dimensional. The shaky camera action popularized by horror films like 2004's "Dawn of the Dead" and "28 Weeks Later" is overused here. And the hissing foreign-language chatting vampires, with all pointy teeth, make for dull, screaming villains.

Slade misfired with this one, but that didn't prevent it from making big box office.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore


Posted by Hannibal on November 8, 2007
Weak, weak, weak movie!

Posted by vamfan on November 9, 2007
Eh. Could have been worse. Not as bad as Blade 3.

Posted by james on November 10, 2007
As a fan of the comics I was really disappointed, they should have stuck more to the original story rather than remove it all and make it feel so generic and sparse. This could have been one of the best vampire films ever made, but it falls very short.

Posted by frodi on November 14, 2007
Come on. The movie wasn't that bad. The director mananged to create a very intense atmosphere without the use of background music, and that's art in itself. So cool to see that the heads were not decapitated as easy as butter. And you had to love the blood around the vampires mouth. Why do one always have to know where the vampires come from and what their goal is? Good movie, maybe not the best out there, but certainatly better than Blade and etc.

Posted by Evil Eddie on January 8, 2008
I agree with you on about 98% of your reviews on here, but you're wrong about this one; especially the part about Blade Trinity being better than this movie.....sorry my friend, but not by a looooooong shot. Blade Trinity is almost unbearably bad to watch...and I actually liked the first two. While this film does have it's minor flaws, it's still a pretty kick-ass flick. Granted it's not the best vampire flick out there, true...but it is still A LOT better than most crap being but out today. And to anyone that's never read the graphic novel, what are you waiting for? It's an awesome read, so go get it..!!

Posted by Randy Hall on January 14, 2008
Not for the faint of heart or those that hate as graphic a movie as this

Posted by worst movie ever on March 2, 2008
I find it funny that in war movies it is even less graphic than a movie that is about things that don't even exist in our history and is more graphic. It was the worst movie i have ever seen. The story line was horrible i couldn't fallow along. A story line is suppose to keep you thinking about what you think is going to happen next not I predicted it and any person with true common sense wouldn't do that. Dumb Dumb Dumb

Posted by Ako on March 20, 2008
Your criticism isn't really acceptable, because the actors are not so bad, ande the vampire film hasn't had so much heights in recent years. It's definitly better then your so loved Subspecies 2 and others. But really weak movies like Spiders ( only for the sometime suspense but nothing else ) and Pet Sematary you adore and call it classic. Ok, sometimes I agree with you, to your defense. But many times not. And you should know, I have seen hundreds of films. adore.

Posted by artkevinc on March 25, 2008
This is a joke of a review. "Worse than Blade Trinity?" You've got to be kidding. This is an enjoyable film. Blade Trinity is bearly watchable..

Posted by JK on April 13, 2008
First a foremost- this movie is a big disappointment. As a fan of the Graphic Novels - i was equally dreading & looking forward to this movie. Then i saw it. Oh no! All my fears came true- they had diluted the story, erased several plot lines and roles altogether and ended up with just another plodding vampire tale with 'phoned in' performances from the usually great actors. Shame. I realise certain things have to be altered when converting stories to movie scripts but why did they choose to take away the best parts? This is surely detrimental to the finished product? This could have been one of the best modern vampire films ever made. It needed a director who loved the Graphic novel and wanted to see it reproduced on screen (like Zack Snyder did with 300) - if the dark, beautiful and vibrant artwork of the Novels had been transferred to the screen .............well, it didn't so no point dreaming i guess. What a sad and wonderful missed chance this was. But not surprising- this is the hollywood machine we are talking about- but i expected Sam Rami's Ghost House pictures to have produced something better than this. No chance of the follow up novels 'Dark Days' & 'Return to Barrow' being made now either i guess- especially as most of the people weren't even in the film so their storylines can't be progressed. Another quick buck made and the cash register rings! K'ching! Art & credibility be damned! - I have no opinion on Blade Trinity at all!

Posted by JK on April 13, 2008
......and..... I take it the Graphic Novel that comes with the special edition of the dvd is a movie adaptation NOT the true graphic novel? If it is the real one- then that is a truly brave (read stupid) step. Showing everyone what the film should have been! Talk about slat in the wound. Owch!

Posted by JK on April 13, 2008
Or SALT in the Sorry.

Posted by JK on April 13, 2008
Me again- Check out the 27minute dvd "30 Days Of Night. BLOOD TRAILS" only 3,99 - now this looks like it is nearer to the Graphic Novels- haven't seen yet but have ordered. From trailer it looks so much better- Why didn't this director get the money to do the whole film? Like the way it blends the art into the film. Anyone seen this yet?

Posted by JK on April 18, 2008
Does anyone ever post on this site?- is it because it keeps saying you've put the wrong security code in- when we clearly haven't! bit annoying that!

Posted by meena on August 15, 2008
a gr8movie to watch,i enjoyed every second of it.......u cant compare it wid blade 3 it was worst movie i have ever seen...

Posted by buford brown III on September 19, 2008
i agree... weak, weak, weak... this movie was a waste of time. no good!

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