Day X (2007)
Directed by Jason Hack

Starring Jason Brenizer Ken Edwards Sarah Paige

A zombie film that manages to pack quite a lot of punch given a miniscule budget, "Day X" starts off strong, with a hospital phone operator getting sick and becoming a flesh-eating zombie. In a powerful scene that follows, the film's hero, Chambers (Ken Edwards), watches as a small crowd inside a parking garage succumb to the same illness, throwing up and gradually becoming the undead.

We then watch him join a group of survivors holed up in a warehouse that retell their "Dawn of the Dead"-style experiences with an epidemic gripping the world. A scientist somewhere else is recording a video diary for his boss.

When a group of soldiers arrives to rescue them only to be slaughtered in a pretty gripping nighttime scene the survivors have to figure out to get to a bunker, and learn what it is that has exactly happened to them: A bio-weapon has turned the rest of humanity in the area into rabid-style zombies. One in seven people are immune they're the survivors holed up with one another.

Some of the plot didn't make a ton of sense to me and not all of the actors were good, but all in all the film features some great set pieces and even some cool weaponry. The zombies look cool as well black-faced, to give them the appearance that they were somehow burned alive. Not exactly sure how that happened to the zombies in this film they were after all supposed to be "fresh" zombies. But it looks cool nonetheless. In fact, the creatures aren't really zombies. They never died. But their bite is lethal, sending people into cardiac arrest. And they're cannibals.

The film's story featuring a zombie-like girl who is the "antidote" to the infestation bears a little too much of a resemblance to the "Resident Evil" series, preventing this film from scoring too many points for originality. But for its tiny budget, it has a lot of style, which is why director Hack won the "Best Director" honor at the 2005 Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival. The film finally got released (to DVD) in 2007.

Some of the performances are surprisingly good some bad. All in all, "Day X" is pretty good way superior to direct-to-DVD zombie films like "Zombie Nation" and "Rise of the Dead." Hack is a talented filmmaker. But his film does buckle under the weight of its budget. One feels like we should have seen more of the zombie overthrow, but clearly the money wasn't there to show it.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

Posted by zombifan on November 18, 2007
I caught this movie and it is quite good. Very stylishly done, no shortage of zombies.

Posted by DT on March 25, 2008
Hillarious bad acting and effects, only for zombie fans.

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