Twilight People (1972)
Directed by Eddie Romero
Romero and Ashley of "Mad Doctor of Blood Island" fame return with a fun horror-adventure film which makes excellent use of the Filipino jungle locations.

In a variation on Island of Dr. Moreau, Ashley is kidnapped by a mad scientist who plans to use him as the alpha-creature in his experiments to merge humans with animals in order to create a "superbeing."

Aided by the doctor's beautiful daughter (Pat Woodell), Ashley escapes into the jungle with the entourage of human/animal experiments in tow. A jungle chase ensues with the doctor's henchmen and the creatures effectively eliminating one another in a fairly bloody fashion.

A good cast includes American actors Charles Macauly as the scientist and veteran bad-guy Jan Merlin as his ex-nazi strongman. Pam Grier plays "Aissa," the panther-woman. Other creatures include an apeman, a wolfwoman, an antelopeman, a batman (who surprisingly takes flight near the finale) and a creepy looking treewoman.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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