Aliens vs. Predator Requiem (2007)
Directed by Greg Strause and Colin Strause

Starring David Hornsby Gina Holden Johnny Lewis Reiko Aylesworth Steven Pasquale

To say "Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem" is a turd would be an insult to turds. This is the very worst of the "Alien" series and the worst major horror movie release in years. Everyone that touched the making of this movie is going to be contaminated by it. If you didn't like Paul W.S. Anderson's "Alien vs. Predator," you are positively going to hate this.

"AVP-R's" title is apt, because it is a "requiem" for the "Alien" franchise.

Many fans were expecting an improvement over the Anderson's ill-received "Alien vs. Predator", which some of us actually liked. To put things into perspective, Anderson's movie is a masterpiece in comparison to the crap fest that the Strause Brothers concocted. At least Anderson is a good sci-fi horror screenwriter, as demonstrated by the "Resident Evil" series. "Alien vs. Predator" was somewhat dull, but it at least had a story and characters that developed throughout the movie. It was a two and a half star movie. This film is a zero-star movie – worse than a lot of direct-to-video dreck. It definitely spells the end of the "Alien" franchise in its current form.

The film opens immediately following the events in AvP, with an alien emerging from the gut of a resting Predator creature aboard a spaceship. The spaceship ends up crash landing in a Colorado forest town. A redneck father and young son hunting deer together are quickly overcome by face huggers. They wake up with the predictable result – aliens bursting out of their stomachs. The transformation happens pretty quickly compared to past "Alien" movies, minutes instead of days. But oh well.

When the father's severed hand turns up in the town sewage system, the sheriff begins to investigate the missing dad and son. The hunter's wife dimly asks him, "Do you think something happened?" (I think later in the movie, she has another choice line: "That's crazy! The government doesn't lie to people.") Needless to say, the alien infestation spreads. The town waitress gets killed and there's an attack on a hospital maternity ward (the alien is able to produce alien "twins" from a pregnant mom). Meanwhile, a Predator dispatched from the Predator world has also shown up to wipe out the aliens. Apparently he doesn’t want any trace of their existence, because he liquidates every dead alien – and dead infested human – with a special acid.

The "characters" we meet include a town pizza delivery boy with a crush on a high school girl. He's being victimized by her boyfriend, the town bully. We've got a military mom back from Iraq, her young daughter and stay-at-home dad. And we've got the town sheriff, who's "in over your head," as the town coroner puts it to him.

It's never really shown how the alien attack on the town is happening. We see a few killings and suddenly, there's an exodus of cars out of town – with major traffic. Maybe the roads are blocked? Tanks filled with National Guardsmen stream into town, and there's a U.S. military official from a control room in an aircraft who apparently wants to nuke the place. Well "apparently" is putting it mildly.

None of it makes much sense. Why would the U.S. military want to nuke a town when – according to the timeline of the film series – they shouldn't even know about the threat the aliens pose yet? Why would the Predator race care if there's a mass alien infestation on Earth? Why would they bother "covering up" the scene.

What "works" in the film are simply re-treads of scenes we have seen time and time again in other "Alien" films: face huggers, acid-as-blood-hitting-people, machine guns used against aliens.

While Anderson added something to the "Alien" mythos, and even included a very cool scene where an army of aliens are shown taking over a portion of the planet, there's nothing that interesting in this confusing mess of a movie. And it's ending, featuring one of the dumbest lines in sci-fi film history, will leave you gasping with shock at how a major studio could even make a movie this bad.

2007 was one of the best years for horror in cinema. But the year ended on a very sour note indeed.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore


Posted by Nick on December 26, 2007
Ok, what is the big deal over this movie. This movie is WAY better than Paul's, but of course for every liker theres a r of a movie. You said a bunch of stupid BS above and i'll be happy to counter it! 1. The father and sun stayed a couple hours not minutes b4 the aliens emerged. 2. The aliens do start taking over the town, any dim wit idiot could have noticed that by watching the trailer. 3. Wolf (predator) is an elite predator and is "dispatched" to Earth to take care of the mess, why, because his friends died on that ship and if anyone got hold of Predator technology or a Predator themselves, god knows what some would do with it. And in the way of the predator (hunter) they are always trying to keep themselves a secret, the clock, staying hiding in trees, concretes jungles (Predator 1&2) 4. People are saying "They favored the Predator, boo hoo" well if i recall in AVP in the first fight, 2 predators got killed, by 1 Alien! Thats total BS! Predators are advanced civilizations will the aliens are only animals. It would be common sense for the Predators to be superior, and by these facts you should see why AVP was stupid. The hunter is being hunted by its hunt??? No! 5. People are also complaining "not enought character development" Well i also recall AVP having too much development and not enough action, so when they swith it, you are STILL complaining? I also agree though that this was their biggest flaw! Aliens (alien 2) was perfect as it spent about 1 hour developing the characters getting in the mood, type of swing, and the other 1 1/2 is fighting. Awesome (In the predator and alien franchise Aliens is my personal favorite). AVP R did not spend enough time developing and if the Brothers added another 30 minutes in the beginning for development it would have been good! OVERALL: AVP was bad, but at least the last fighting scene is cool This is FAR superior, AVP R is great. Do Not Listen to these idiots. The taligine says it all "This Christmas there will be no peace on Earth" easily the coolest taligine since Alien 9/10!

Posted by Eater of Infants on December 27, 2007
"To say "Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem" is a turd would be an insult to turds." -Best review ever

Posted by Sutekh on December 27, 2007
SPOILERS - My wife and I must be the only two people that enjoyed this movie. Sure it's not any kind of deep and meaningful poetry exercise, but its got Aliens, its got Predators and the most annoying person in the movie gets owned by a frikken huge saw. We saw the Predator home world and lots of Predator tech, we saw a completely new way of impregnating a host with Aliens, there were marines, an APC and even Arnies immortal "Get to the chopper!!!11!" line. Loved it!

Posted by David M on January 6, 2008
I found the movie to be VERY disjointed storywise. Great EFX, but it definetly lacked the cohesive storyline of the 1st movie.

Posted by Randy Hall on January 8, 2008
The movie was great but did lack the efficient amount of fighting scenes

Posted by Randy Hall on January 8, 2008
David M. is a queer!!!!!!

Posted by Randy Hall on January 15, 2008
Just kidding

Posted by DB on February 13, 2008
I wanted to vomit from the first scene to the last. House of the dead was better, yeah, it was. Way to kill 2 franchises in 1 go.

Posted by DB - you\'re a poon. on May 6, 2008
DB - to say House of the Dead was better than AVPR is just PURELY being a wanker. You know it wasn't and if you did, NOBODY would agree with you.

Posted by ^Sick_Boy on May 28, 2008
Of course House of the dead can't be better than ANYTHING. But this statement does NOT mean that AVPR is anyway better than HOTD. They're both useless, they're both pointless, any idea of acting or directing is missing in both of em.

Posted by richard_glass on May 4, 2009
I hated this movie the first, second and third times I saw it. Lots of people say it's better than the first, but this is either a blatant lie, or those who said so are just stupid. This first isn't great but it's much better than this (I can't say turd because that's not bad enough.) The only good thing I can say about this movie (if you view the Unrated version) is that at times it can be slightly fun to watch the fighting, but not too much.

Posted by Watch.the_World_burn on March 18, 2010
i believe that ppl as of late have a bad misconception of what horror is while yes it is good to have an interesting movie plot what truely matters in a horror movie is the ability for it to envoke fear in you while this movie was NOT scary to simply slam it for minimal story building is overbearing the film delivers what it promises Aliens vs Predator to complain is completely void of logic face it some ppl (including me) just enjoy a good bloodfeast so quite your whining and if you don't like it DONT WATCH IT

Posted by review guy on July 27, 2010
ok 1.) avp big dissapointment i dont understand people who loved that movie my expectaions were high they did a good job of the predaotr hunting traditions though. 2.) avpr was good. human characters were lame but all you need is a predator killing things. 3.) Most important point ////// anyone who uses the poor horror movie excuse has to remember something people arent capable of making scary horror movies especially slashers nobody of this generation is scared of slashers.

Posted by Flipsider on July 17, 2011

Posted by Shane on June 20, 2012
I couldn't see half the movie anyway it was so dark. Probably a good thing.

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