Solstice (2008)
Directed by Daniel Myrick

Starring Amanda Seyfried Elisabeth Harnois R. Lee Ermey Shawn Ashmore Tyler Hoechlin

Daniel Myrick will forever be remembered for co-helming one of the best horror movies of the 1990s and the top producing independent film of all time "The Blair Witch Project."

It's a bit of a bummer to see the filmmaker behind such a kick-ass movie helming a direct-to-video horror film that's as tame as this. As reviled as it was by some horror fans, "The Blair Witch Project" definitely had an edge. This film absolutely, positively has none. It could have been an episode of a TV series.

Harnois plays twins in the film, one of whom committed suicide a few months earlier. When she and some high school buddies decide to head to a family-owned house near a swamp. Harnois' dead sister starts haunting the car the kids drove in and leaving clues about something terrible that happened at the swamp a while back.

It's another "haunting reveals a crime" story that has been done a million times before now. We saw it in "Stir of Echoes," we saw it in "What Lies Beneath" and here we're seeing it again. What makes the film even more disappointing is that it doesn't ever exploit its "twins" theme. Harnois' sister could just as easily been another actress. Why have her be an identical twin? To save on the film's acting budget?

The film's one saving grace is R. Lee Ermey who shows up as the old town redneck that believes in the supernatural. The title "Solstice" has to do with the fact that the film is set during the summer solstice, when the dead are supposed to reunite with the living or something like that. But the solstice theme doesn't play too much into the plot.

Makes "Blair Witch 2" look like a classic. Skip.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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