Trauma (1992)
Directed by Dario Argento

Starring Asia Argento Christopher Rydell Frederic Forrest Piper Laurie

Decent mystery from Dario Argento—his best movie since "Suspiria," in fact—has your typical, black-gloved Argento killer sawing off the heads of victims.

Like "Deep Red," a clairvoyant gets wise to the murderer and is quickly knocked off. The psychic's daughter, played by Argento's gorgeous 17-year-daughter Asia, quickly becomes the target of the madman.

Asia Argento went on to have a successful Italian movie career in her own right—and watching her is the best thing about this movie. She's a major babe.

Low-key, without the traditional Goblin rock star, "Trauma" features some pretty disturbing, Argento-esque killings, including one scene where a TV newsman (Rydell) hears a clue from a woman who has just been beheaded—and is still conscious! Only Argento could think up something like that. The effect was achieved by make-up maestro Tom Savini.

Filmed in the United States, Argento wanted this to appeal to American audiences, but only his hardcore fans will get it. Mainstream audiences wouldn't enjoy "Trauma," but it's a must-see for Argento fans.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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