Saw IV (2007)
Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman

Starring Athena Karkanis Betsy Russell Costas Mandylor Lyrig Bent Scott Patterson Tobin Bell

The fourth film in the hugely successful "Saw" franchise was the best since the first. In it, the series continued to draw its inspiration from Bryan Singer's "Usual Suspects," most notably the film's climax when the "truth" about the story untangles in a series of rapid-editing flashbacks. This happens at the end of every "Saw" movie too. But the twist at the end of this one is actually pretty surprising.

More amazing is the fact that the writers have actually been able to keep coming up with twists and turns in the series and manage to tie all the films together so closely.

The fourth film opens with the most disgusting autopsy ever filmed Jigsaw being carved open following his death at the end of the third film then moves onto more Jigsaw traps and games being played against people that now the apparent new heirs to his legacy have somehow managed to kidnap and place inside sophisticated death traps.

We're also introduced to some more one-dimensional cop characters and actually get to meet Jigsaw's ex-wife, who spends most of the time in the film in an interrogation room. Lyrig Bent plays the film's major protagonist, a good cop who enraged at his partner's death in the third film (they don't discover the body till the fourth film) becomes ensnared in a Jigsaw "game".

All in all, this film like the others is ludicrous. But in an age when movie fans want storylines that twist and turn like there's no tomorrow (this film maybe has three twist endings), that doesn't matter. We're all waiting for the big explanation of what has really happened revealed during rapid-fire edits of flashbacks at the end, with the "Saw" theme bellowing in the background. I'm not a huge fan of the "Saw" films because they are set in an unsupernatural reality, but Jigsaw's incredible death traps seem like something that could only happen in a "Twilight Zone" universe.

While Tobin Bell's Jigsaw character is absolutely, positively dead, the film leaves little doubt that his character will return in flashbacks for many more entries to come.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore


Posted by Wattsville Blues on January 26, 2008
Are you fucking mental? This movie was by far the worst entry in the series. I've never seen such a shameless example of money-making retcon in my life. I wouldn't mind if it was executed with a little panache, but the movie plods along and reveals plot "twists" like it was written by a teenager with severe genetic defects. It's not so much "the man behind the curtain" as "the man behind the curtain's dad's long lost psychopathic ex-girlfriend's boyfriend". Throwing in some great death scenes can't save this series from mediocrity.

Posted by Matt on January 27, 2008
Saw 4 was great, not any better and definately not any worse than the other films in the series. All 4 films IMO have been on the same level and it's great to see a horror series that actually tries to have a storyline along with gruesome death scenes.

Posted by p on January 30, 2008
red rum red rum, snuff movies rule!!! yay!!!!

Posted by Wasabi on January 30, 2008
Heh heh, some people seem to disagree with you. Saw IV was indeed the best of the sequels. Still not a patch on the first one, but it was still damned good.

Posted by Becky on January 31, 2008
I'll have to agree. 4 was the best one, other then the first one of course. 2 and 3 were pretty much shit.

Posted by ManyAk on February 15, 2008
I believe this film tried too much to shock us, gore-like and twist-like, and that's why I didn't like it. I won't go as far as to say that the movie had a lot of plot holes, but it was definitely really confusing and lots of scene seemed out of place to me.

Posted by Radgamer13 on February 28, 2008
This movie kicked some serious monkey butt. it was the best and i can't wait for #5 to come out the video game and the show

Posted by on March 11, 2008

Posted by artkevinc on March 25, 2008
This probably is the best of the Saw sequels. But in fairness, that isnt exactly saying much as none of the sequels are great at all. Absolutely hated 3. The first one is the only good one.

Posted by kat on October 25, 2009
i havnt seen this one yet only the trailer but i watched saw 5 , well some of it n i got bored think theyve over done the story a bit,ill only watcch this if it really shocks n asounds,......lets hope so ayx

Posted by Kevin on February 10, 2010
All of the Saw films have been great. The first was the best, followed by the third. I loved the third one. I've seen all six of them so far and part 2 was my least favorite of all.

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