Gingerdead Man (2005)
Directed by Charles Band

Starring Gary Busey Larry Cedar Robin Sydney Ryan Locke

Probably one of Charles Band's best movies, "Gingerdead Man" is a so-bad-it's-funny take off on "Child's Play." Gary Busey (whose career is clearly on an upward trajectory) plays a serial killer who, in the film's brief opening scene, attacks a diner. We learn later through newspaper headlines that he's been executed for murder -- and his mother is a witch.

The daughter (Robin Sydney of "The Lost" and Master's of Horror "Right to Die") of the killer's victim testified against him in court. Year's later, she's working at the family bakery. When a box of gingerbread seasoning shows up on the store's doorstep, she doesn't suspect that it could be the executed killer's ashes, left their by his witch mother.

She naturally bakes a gingerbread man out of it. Adding to the disaster, her boyfriend accidentally cuts himself, dripping blood into the sauce -- apparently resurrecting the ashes or something.

The gingerbread man, of course, comes to life as a wisecracking killer. It's a typically somewhat creepy, somewhat silly design similar to the kind of killer doll stuff we saw in Charles Band's bigger-budget "Puppetmaster" films, which he for the most part produced (didn't direct).

What makes "Gingerdead Man" so watchable is just how amazingly stupid it is -- and the way Band directs the movie with a straight face. The highlight of the film has the Gingerdead Man brandishing a gun shooting his victims.

But, like all bad movies, this one requires a lot of patience from its viewers. The pace is pretty slow and it's hard to get over the fact that the entire film is set inside the bakery. Why don't the characters just break out -- or call someone from a cell phone? Oh yeah, the one and only cell phone has run out of batteries.

It's suprisingly devoid of any sleaze, something that Band usually doesn't shy away from given his sexually explicit "Meridian" from the early 1990s. The make-up effects are unimpressive. But the killer Gingerbread Man puppet is a lot of fun to look at and was worth every penny Band spent on it -- probably in the $100 range.

The best bad horror movie since "Jack Frost." Lucius says go check it out.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore


Posted by Tenkei on May 21, 2008
That's nothing, the sequel's out now! Gingerdead Man 2: The Passion of the Crust. Seriously the trailer's up on YouTube. Watch for the MechaBakeryMan that Gingy takes control of!

Posted by Tiffany on October 6, 2008
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