My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009)
Directed by Patrick Lussier

Starring Jaime King Jensen Ackles Kerr Smith Richard John Walters Tom Atkins

Easily one of the best 3D horror movies ever made, "My Bloody Valentine 3D" benefits from advances in the technology that actually make the theatrical 3D format watchable. The red and blue glasses of the past literally made the experience of watching one of these movies so irritating that you were better off viewing the films in 2D later on video.

Not so with "My Bloody Valentine". Aside from some annoying aspects of the technology -- it's tough to get used to rapid cuts in the third dimension -- the film looks fantastic. "My Bloody Valentine 3D" should enjoy a long life as a theatrical release or midnight movie at any venue capable of delivering it: Only about 1000 screens nationwide were equipped to screen 3D films like this in 2009 and it's doubtful we'll be able to replicate 3D like this in our homes for decades.

But enough about the 3D, which as I said is fantastic. What about the film itself? Well, it's a great horror movie too, 3D or no 3D. Director Lussier's previous efforts included "Dracula 2000" for Dimension almost a decade earlier, where he demonstrated a passion for the genre. Although "Dracula" was a pretty flawed film, it still showed that Lussier (who learned his craft under Wes Craven during production of the "Scream" films) knows suspense and can deliver a slick, commercial horror movie. And that's exactly what "My Bloody Valentine" is -- slick, no nonsense, efficient and commercial.

With "My Bloody Valentine," he was helped along by an excellent script by Todd Farmer ("Jason X") and Zane Smith, who crafted what is easily the best horror mystery since the "Scream" films.

The movie opens with 3D newspaper headlines outlining a massacre in a town mine when, after a cave in, miner Harry Warden (Richard John Walters) killed off his coworkers to preserve oxygen for himself. At the hospital on Valentine's Day, he wakes up to kill off most of the hospital staff, then heads back to the mine to put on his miner mask attire and knock off some teenagers who just happen to be throwing a party there. The local police chief (Tom Atkins) shoots him and he is apparently buried in the mine again.

Flash forward 10 years to Valentine's Day of the present. The town has a new police chief (Kerr Smith) who is sick of the media constantly bringing up the Valentine's Day Massacre of 10 years ago. Meanwhile, Tom, one of the survivors of the massacre and the current owner of the mine (Jensen Ackles), has returned after 10 years to town to reclaim his inheritance. He also just happens to be the ex-boyfriend and "true love" of the police chief's wife (Jaime King). To add to the soap opera, the police chief is also having an affair with his wife's employee at the local supermarket.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what happens next: Harry Warden apparently returns from the grave in full miner attire and starts killing people, ripping out their hearts and then mailing them in Valentine candy boxes to the local police. The most memorable attack is outside a motel where Tom just happens to be staying. (The victim/trucker in this scene is played by the film's writer, Todd Farmer.) As the body count rises, one of the victims eventually turns out to be the police chief's pregnant mistress. Could he be the killer?

The mystery that develops around who the killer is -- could it be the adulterous police chief, Warden back from the grave, or the strange out-of-towner back in town to reclaim the mine -- keeps your mind focused on the film's storyline, while your eyes are focused on the creative kills. Add to all that a major leap forward in 3D technology which the gore effects take full advantage of, from an eye popping out of a guy's skull and straight into the camera (a "must have" when it comes to a 3D gore film) to exploitation of the pick axe as the ultimate 3D weapon, and you've got the best slasher movie in years.

With nudity, plenty of 3D gore effects that push the envelope of an R rating, and excellent direction from Lussier, "My Bloody Valentine" stacks up as a great start to 2009.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore


Posted by slasher on January 22, 2009
This was excellent. Way better than any Scream film.

Posted by bemyvalentine on January 22, 2009
Best 3D movie ever.

Posted by fearfan on January 22, 2009
Really really good. Review doesn't capture just how great this was.

Posted by Envy Waldorf on January 31, 2009
This movie was so heartpumpingly brutally frightening. Agree that the review doesn't capture that too well, just sounds like a fanboy ranting.

Posted by duntmatta on October 14, 2009
unfortunately i didnt watch it in theatres but i thought the storyline was horrible. seems like a b-movie that borrows from too many other films

Posted by Dan on October 7, 2010
Not frightening, heartpumpingly or otherwise. Really bad, all of the fight scenes looked like something from The Bold and the Beautiful. The CGI was very annoying. No suspense. A couple of creative kills, but no big deal. Oh, and of course the wife forgives the CHEATING (and jealous, I might add) husband. CraP!

Posted by LeslieVernon on December 4, 2010
To Dan... his jealousy and the fact he told her to shoot them both(so she would live)got her back. It was a classic slasher film that had its tongue firmly stuck in its cheek. It wasn't brilliant or anything, but it was better than WB/CW fare like Scream. And since slasher films have all but died(aside from pathetic remakes from Michael Bay), this one rocked.

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