Friday the 13th - remake (2009)
Directed by Marcus Nispel

Starring Danielle Panabaker Derek Mears Jared Padelecki

Marcus Nispel's second major horror film after his landmark "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" remake for Platinum Dunes was a letdown. The first "serious" Jason movie in more than 25 years, "Friday the 13th," the remake/prequel/sequel/reboot doesn't make a lot of sense and has little of the camp appeal that made all the other films so enjoyable.

The movie opens with an overlong but compelling "pre-titles" sequence, in which a group of pot-smoking teen campers are slaughtered by a sack-head wearing Jason apparently angry that they've stumbled upon his neck of the woods.

Flash forward six weeks later, when the brother of one of the teens (Jared Padalecki) shows up in Crystal Lake distributing "missing" posters for sister, who didn't show up to their mother's funeral a short time earlier and who told him she was going to Crystal Lake with friends. The townsfolk aren't very helpful -- apparently aware that Jason haunts the woods. One old woman tells him his sister is almost certainly dead.

Well, as it turns out she isn't dead. Jason, we discover, kidnapped her! Why? She looks like his late mother, whom we see in a brief sequence at the beginning of the film that summarizes the events of the very first film from '80.

This action alone -- Jason kidnapping a woman and keeping her in his basement -- demonstrates what a misfire "Friday the 13th" of 2009 is. This kidnapping, which seems to be harken back to Hades and the legend of Persephone, was way too serious for a Jason movie. The real Jason of the eighties Paramount series took no prisoners.

Our protagonist -- the fellow looking for his sister -- runs across another group of college kids in town to party at a frat boy's dad's cabin. Guess what's about to happen to all of them? Jason does his rampage thing, killing them all off in creative ways. The best killing -- via bow-and-arrow -- is also among the most un-Jason like.

In short, "Friday the 13th 2009" just doesn't feel enough like a "Friday the 13th" movie. It's also a letdown because Nispel did such a great job with the "Texas Chainsaw" remake, crafing a film that was different than the original, and great in its own ways, without diminishing the effects of the classic upon which it was based. His "Friday" redo just feels like a tired retread. The subplot with the kidnapping made it almost impossible to swallow.

There have been worse Jason films, if that's any consolation. This is the worst since "Jason Goes to Hell." "Freddy vs. Jason" and "Jason X" were both way better. The only pluses: Some creative kills and three topless scenes.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore


Posted by Grumpus VonPuppibottom on February 15, 2009
C'mon! This was way better than "Jason X" or "Freddy vs. Jason"! To me, it was just a really good "Friday the 13th" movie with competent direction and actual production I guess that would make it better than all of them (except for maybe 4 and 6). The original is only memorable for the gore. It's really a terrible film. The remake isn't actually scary, but it's a damn good time. Kidnapping scene would have been gratuitous if it were an actual act of torture...but Jason just missed his Mommy.

Posted by DaRuckus on February 15, 2009
Dude, Jason kills a girl by shooting a spear in part 3. Isn't this a redoing of the first 4? Yeah, so it isn't so "un-Jason like". The later films in the series made Jason some slow moving zombie, this one brings it back to the roots and adds realism to it. Okay, it's not entirely realistic but it certainly makes more sense for some psycho in the woods who hasn't been caught to have underground tunnels and use more than a machete. I think this review is a bit unfair and overall I think this "new" Jason kicks ass.

Posted by Cinefantastique Online on February 15, 2009
It is faithful to the original in at least one respect: It isn't very good, but it is very profitable.

Posted by JT on February 15, 2009
Jason X was "way better"? Sir? Sir. Did you see a different "Jason X" than the rest of us? That movie was absolute pure sh_t. You run a horror movie website and you disliked this film that much? Please name some more god-awful movies that are "way better" than this one.

Posted by Swede on February 16, 2009
Oh. My. God. What movie were you watching? Jason X was better? Freddy VS Jason??? WHAT?? This new Friday was awesome! For any true fans of the original 4 - DONíT listen to part time "critics" - go see the movie and have fun. It brought me back to part 4 mostly. I wanted to see a fast and fresh Jason and it delivered. IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE CITIZEN KANE FOR CHRIST'S SAKES!!! Nispel did a great job on keeping the "feel" of Friday and yet injecting some well needed newness into the game. A+

Posted by P. on February 16, 2009
This movie was just a retread of all the other Jason movies; it was almost a caricature of itself. Granted, some off the kills were quite sadistic (if not overly gory) and the girls were all very attractive. The best part was the pre-titles sequence, and the ending was very predictable. Padalecki just played his character from Supernatural. Maybe I'm too harsh (this isn't high art after all), but this was just another mediocre slasher. Better than Jason X (just), but not as good as Freddy Vs. Jason. Movies I liked better than the Friday remake: Wrong Turn 1 & 2, the Tripper, the Halloween, TCM and Hills Have Eyes remakes (there I said it).

Posted by Tom on February 16, 2009
I thought it was a lot better than Jason X. I will say the Freddy vs. Jason was much better, but it wasn't much of a Friday movie.

Posted by David D on February 16, 2009
I didn't read Gore's review coz' I don't even begin to care what he has to say. And judging by the fact that no one agrees with him I'm glad I avoided the eye strain. Anyway I liked it a lot. The thing I liked best is that it didn't feel like a campy Friday the 13th film. It had more of a realistic "Chain Saw" feel which made it way better. And I was plesantly surprise and relieved that it didn't have the blaring Friday score. This Jason kicked all previous Jason's asses. [Sorry Kane.] Should be even better on DVD when we get the gore that they kept out.

Posted by Jordon on February 17, 2009
Wow guys, way to bash Gore. He's right, this movie was pitiful. It was too fast, overall boring, and not scary at all. I cringed more at this movie's horrible dialouge, overly hot actors, sterotypical activities, and the overall bastardization of the original. This movie will be forgotten about in 10 years (Just a side note like all of the other crappy sequels) This movie was a waste of time. It did nothing new or nothing better. This was a movie that was churned out to make a quick buck. out of the Friday fans and other dumb horror fans who don't know anything about horror pre slasher. Yes. I'm talking to almost each of the posters on this board.

Posted by DeaditeCenobite on February 18, 2009
Δ │ Totally agree with this guy

Posted by DistantJ on February 25, 2009
Effin loved it. It was everything I wanted to be. There was nothing I wanted to be in this movie which wasn't. It made a Friday the 13th fan very happy. Halloween '07 is still my favourite remake (so sue me) but this gave it a good run for it's money. Not gonna bash Gore just because I disagree, though. Everybody is after different things from their movies, it's how it goes.

Posted by godflesh on March 2, 2009
I could squeeze one out better then this, another corporate "horror" flick fed to us .This one brought nothing really new to the table (Jason AKA Leatherface redux ), totally missed the point Jason is beyond human he doesn't create underground tunnels with electricity, make traps and for sure doesn't take prisoners so i guess he fed and watered her for 6 weeks too? This crap fest made no sense and wasn't scary, after girl is released she's running like she's in a f'n marathon would't she be a little slowed down from being shackled up so long? I'm not drinking the kool aid next time movies like The Tripper, severance, Wilderness,Inside,Frontier(s) are way better this and Halloween remake are pathetic in my book but as long as we keep going they'll keep them coming and laugh all the way to the bank.You that liked it must have been passing the bowl around during your viewing you're f'n high if you thought this was good!

Posted by killaj on March 7, 2009
Jason was only a zombie after he died in part 4. This one was supposed to be loosely based on the first 4 movies. Besides, would you rather have seen Jason as some mindless zombie? Pshhh, boooring.

Posted by radgamer13 on April 9, 2009
i THOUGHT it was a very good remake although it strayed from the original story line

Posted by Grumpus VonPuppibottom on April 10, 2009
I was high. I make it a point to not walk into a "Friday the 13th" movie sober.

Posted by Boomstick on June 17, 2009
I really enjoyed this movie. Much better than the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake imo. In fact, this might be my favorite remake yet. Granted, most remakes have been awful/far inferior to the original flicks, but I really enjoyed the reimagined version of Jason and also enjoyed the new intensity that he brought to all of his scenes. Plus, in addition to Parts 1&2, I thought this was one of the best Camp Crystal Lake sets put together in the entire franchise. The acting was pretty decent, the dialogue wasn't too lame and this is one of the very, very few movies where I enjoyed the use of giving the picture that weird tan, golden crisp layer of colors that most flicks use nowadays.

Posted by sloany on August 6, 2009
what the hell's wrong with you??? if you want realism watch a DOCUMENTARY. there are loads about serial killers, this movie and others like it are meant to entertain, and entertain it did. those who say it was'nt scary need to remember that they have probably grown up alot since they saw their first horror movies, and they aint scary this movie or not, we all watched it !!!! relax and enjoy.

Posted by I Like Chuck on April 22, 2010
This is the worst friday movie ever period even worse than jason goes to hell by far. Anyone who likes this one must have been born in the 90's. I have tried to watch this at least a handful of times thinking i was wrong the last time but NO. This one could be the end to one of the best horror franchises ever even the worst Jason in the 80's is the Godfather compared to this hack attempt to make oa Jason film.

Posted by bhavna on September 14, 2010
Jason X was "way better"? Sir? Sir. Did you see a different "Jason X" than the rest of us? That movie was absolute pure sh_t. You run a horror movie website and you disliked this film that much? Please name some more god-awful movies that are "way better" than this one bonus di casino online

Posted by Mueller on December 25, 2010
I thought it was okay. Friday the 13th Part 6 is still my favorite outa the series but this one isn't all that bad, not too great but okay. The only complaint i have is that a 'faster' Jason isnt neccessarily a 'better' Jason. The one aspect of Jason Vorhees that shouldn't be discarded is that you can run away from him at a hundred freakin' miles an hour. Jason will stalk you with that slow steady menacing walk of his (he's probably thinking 'how am i gonna kill this dumb ho or deushbag jock?' that's why he's taking his sweet ol' time), and then kill you. Simple as that. That aspect is one of the things that made Jason Vorhees my favorite killer and should have been kept in the reboot.

Posted by malik on April 1, 2011
When I saw the movie it was aight but not like the original until they did put Jason Voorhees in the remake so i like to say it was a good movie.

Posted by Oh No on November 30, 2011
I'm a big fan of FRIDAY THE 13TH. This remake IS PURE GARBAGE. Every one has their own opinions, but this remake in my opinion was trash. 1) scince when was Jason human? if he drowned in water he should look exactly how they made him look in the original. 2) Jason runs, big deal, the running didnt make the movie any interesting. 3) The teenagers or adults w.e horrible ass acting none of them was being realistic. You can tell the acting is so hollywood. 4) Jason holding a female hostage because it reminds him of his mother? bullshit. Jason doesn't waste time or hesistate, he gets straight to the point. 5) The ending Jason coming out the water killing her reminded me of a scene from Nightmare on elm street it was so lame. They made Jason act completely lame. 6) they should of just stuck with the original story or just never made a remake the best part of the movie to most probly was the sexual scenes, ass and tities. The movie was garbage.

Posted by Nick45 on June 29, 2013
Jason X was 'way better'? What kind of Jason X you told? You probably confused it with Event Horizon or something...

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